The Skies Were Blue Today

The sky is the daily bread of the eyes.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The sky was blue today,
I wanted to go out and play

I took my good camera with me but forgot the memory card in my computer!
Thank goodness for phone cameras.

I snapped these few pics on the way to meet a friend I haven't seen for long.
We exchanged Christmas gifts. Yes, you read that right.
We don't get together so often but we pray for one another a lot.
She gave me a wonderful book on alternative health remedies.  She also gave me a pretty glass bird which had a mottled blue colour inside.
I will try to take a picture and add it here later. The gifts were perfect.

I gave her a few hand knitted dishcloths in her favourite colour (variegated yarn in red)
and a personal alarm device.  The latter she can can use when she is travelling alone at night from her ministry at the old folks home.

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  1. Hello, lovely series of sky photos. I love all the trees and the church with the cross. It is nice you were able to meet with your friend. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  2. I love the blue skies, we had the same idea on our blogs.Blues skies but it's suppose to rain tonight.

  3. It's the little puffs of white cloud that make the sky interesting.

  4. I love to see all of the different shade of blue that the sky can be and you showed them off here beautifully. Your phone camera did a great job! Yay for getting together with a good friend!

  5. Glad you were able to have that belated Christmas celebration with your friend. And those skies are beautiful!

  6. Lovely photos of the sky and the phone did a good job too!
    I can't wait to see the glass bird.
    It's wonderful that you got to meet up with your friend on such a lovely day.
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  7. Very pretty sky photos and love the Ralph Emerson quote! Sometimes it just takes a while to get those gifts exchanged. We experience that with birthdays.

  8. Gorgeous blue skies! I've forgotten the memory card for my camera on more that one occasion!! Even so, your photos turned out great.

  9. Well, I don't know if you played but you took some awesome photos

    1. Ha, ha! You are right. But I did enjoy myself.

  10. Pretty blue skies....I shared a foto of the blue sky, too. Love the sweet little blue bird. Thanks so much for sharing today.

  11. We have the first blue sky here today that we have seen in months but rain is forecast again for later!! Enjoy the blue sky while you can. Take care Diane

    1. I understand Diane. Our blue sky won't last either but it is nice to see it for awhile.

  12. Beautiful blue skies! And how special that the blue bird contains the color of the sky! Your gift and story reminds me of this verse,

    All good gifts are from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights... from James 1:17

    Blessings and Love♡

  13. I'm longing for more than a little bit of blue sky (though that would be nice, too)Thanks for coming to the rescue!

  14. I love watching the skies. Blue skies are rare (except if it is brutally cold) in February where I live, and I enjoyed yours. Alana

  15. Beautiful! I Like the lace of the branches with the blue sky in the background. ♥


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